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Gazebo kit prices can vary by thousands of dollars, and you must do your homework. Our shingle roof gazebos for sale provide a cheap gazebo roof option. Cheap gazebo prices, but loaded with features including, up to a 40 Year Warranty, 210km/hr wind ratings, algae resistance and many other benefits.

Gazebo Kits, Covered Patio & DIY Pergola Roofing deliver to all parts of Australia. We can keep the gazebo kits cost to a minimum with reasonable delivery prices. This is due to the lightweight and compact form of gazebo kit roof materials. Check out the gazebo kits prices chart below for a list of competitive rates.

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Shingle Roof Gazebo Kit Prices and Gazebo Kits for Sale

When you purchase directly off the importer, there are considerable cost savings to be made. Shingle roofing gazebo kits for sale are very reasonably priced, and when you consider the 30 – 40 Year Warranty, the combination is hard to beat.

Our gazebo kits prices are probably one of your most important considerations. A shingle roof is one of the cheapest options in Australia. Choose from either the Marathon (Slate Look) shingle or the Cambridge (Natural Wooden Profile) shingle. You then need to find the right size for your outdoor living area.

Call one of our gazebo kits, covered patio & DIY pergola roofing team for a gazebo kit price delivered to your address.

Gazebo Kit Prices for Sale

Gazebo kit cost
Three-tab Shingles
& Underlay
Laminated Shingles
& Underlay
17mm A-Bond
3m x 3m
@ 25 degrees
3m x 4m
@ 25 degrees
4m x 4m
@ 25 degrees
4m x 5m
@ 25 degrees
5m x 5m
@ 25 degrees
5m x 6m
@ 25 degrees
6m x 6m
@ 25 degrees
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Check out our gazebo kit prices and compare to the other roof options. Our gazebo kits for sale are very cost effective with the longest warranties available.

Gazebo Kits Prices & Detailed Materials Calculator

Our gazebo price table is accurate, however, if you have custom measurements and a different roof pitch, overhang, etc… I suggest you use our Gazebo Kit Cost Price & Materials Calculator. This handy calculator adjusts to the pitch, letting you know exactly how many bundles of shingles you need and the gazebo kit cost. The calculator provides you with a plywood price which you can use to purchase from your local Bunnings of timber supplier. If you are on a laptop/desktop computer, you can enter the options and also a postcode for an accurate delivery gazebo kit cost.

Best Gazebo Roof Warranties in the industry

Our Three-tab shingles come with a 25 Year International Manufacturers Warranty while the Laminated shingle has a Limited Lifetime Warranty. These are some of the longest warranties available in Australia for any competing product giving you peace of mind. The longevity of asphalt shingles is what makes our gazebo kit prices very reasonable.

Gazebo Kit Prices
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In the last 19 years we replaced our Bali Hut thatched roof “Alang-Alang” three times. At a cost of several thousand each time we made the decision to replace the old thatch with Laminated shingles. Very happy with the look of the shingle roof and with a LIFETIME warranty we don’t have to worry about replacement. Our Colour choice was Earthtone Cedar which has complemented our outdoor landscaping. We love our new shingle roof and just wish we had have used it 19 years ago

Dale Smith – Gold Coast

Gazebo Kits for Sale
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Gazebo kits for sale

Do-it-yourself shingle kits are extremely cost-effective, saving thousands from the alternative of hiring a professional. Installation is relatively easy and can be achieved with no prior experience. Compare our gazebos for sale to the other alternatives and be surprised by the great gazebo kit cost savings.

DIY gazebo kit cost savings

A gazebo roof installation is generally achieved in under a weekend.  The DIY option will provide considerable cost savings. Savings can be thousands of dollars, and of course, you get the added benefit to gloat about your great work.

Contact one of the Gazebo Kit, Covered Patio & DIY Pergola Roofing team for a quote or with any questions.

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