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Bali Huts Thatched Roof Replacement | Asphalt Shingle Gazebo Kits

Bali huts with thatch roofing are a beautiful and exotic look. They conjure up romantic images of that last Indonesian holiday. This romance for Bali huts / gazebos will last a few short years until the alang-alang thatch starts to deteriorate. The harsh Australian weather and the local bird population will start to thin the thatch roof. Throw in a few extremely windy days and the exotic Balinese hut starts to look messy. Add another couple of years and the thatch roofing starts to look thin and leaks start to materialize. Not to worry just replace the Bali huts gazebo canopy. After a couple of phone calls and quotes you start to realise it will cost over $3000 to replace the thatched roof like new. All romance has now gone and is replaced by resentment and constant nagging by your partner to do something about that “Bali huts roof”.


Bali huts
Bali Huts Thatched Roof Alternative

Bali Huts Roofing Alternative

A smarter gazebo roof option is American asphalt roof shingles. Shingles come in either a classic slate look or a popular wooden shake style. The Cambridge (wooden shake) shingle has a real rustic look but even better comes with a 40 year manufacturer’s warranty. Unlike fragile Bali huts shingle roofs will withstand everything Mother Nature can throw at them including hail and extreme high winds. The plywood base becomes a super strong canopy and will support the roof frame.


Bali Hut Gazebo
Rattan Lining Under Bali Huts Rafters


Installation of your new shingle Bali huts roof is easy and we have home handymen completing beautiful shingles Balinese huts in a weekend. A shingle roof is a cost effective solution with a basic 4 x 4 metre gazebo kit costing well under $1000. This includes A-Bond “marine grade” plywood, underlay and the asphalt shingles. We send gazebo kits all around Australia on a daily basis. Consider lightweight and long lasting asphalt shingles and be rewarded with years of worry free backyard use. Now that’s what I call “romantic”. Call the Gazebo Roof Specialists for advice and a free quote.


Balinese Huts
Cambridge Weatherwood Natural Shingle Roof